About Us

Completely Vegan

Here at Roarlay, we love animals and our lovely planet. Our Clothing is entirely Vegan, completely cruelty-free, and approved by PETA.

Green Sustainability

About Us
Our core mission is sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint wherever possible. Being organic is a great step forward, however, does not go far enough in our opinion. Often times organic products result in an even larger carbon footprint due to increased processing needs.

Because of this, all of our textile manufacturer's plants use exclusively green renewable energy (mostly solar and wind energy).
With this, the carbon footprint is reduced by around 90%

The carbon footprint has been calculated in accordance with BSI PAS2050 methodology and is certified by the Carbon Trust. Our manufacturer Continental Clothing Company has been working with the Carbon Trust since 2007.

The 90% reduction has been achieved by a combination of low-impact organic farming, efficiency in manufacturing and transportation, and the use of renewable energy instead of the fossil fuel based grid electricity.

It has been calculated that a single T-shirt of us saves around 7 kilograms of CO2, whereas a hooded sweatshirt saves up to 28 kgs of greenhouse gases. These are actual reductions achieved in the manufacturing, without any carbon offsetting.

Organic Cotton

About Us

Our clothing is produced exclusively from organic Indian cotton, and the entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS. All products are labeled as Organic. Our manufacturer Continental Clothing Company has been licensed under the Global Organic Standard (GOTS) since 2007.

Eco-Friendly Printing in the UK

The final printing of the cloths is performed directly in the UK, in an eco-friendly manner. To reduce waste your clothes are printed on order, and after undergoing and passing quality control, directly shipped to you. This process usually takes 3-5 business days.

Verified Ethical Manufacturing

Our textile manufacturer's production undergoes annual audits to comply with the FWF Code of Labour Practices in accordance with the International Labour Organisation’s conventions and has been a member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2006.